Tired Of Me

by Onat Önol

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rock n roll is dead


released June 30, 2015

album cover by Christiana Efthimiou
shouts out to the BWG family

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Onat Önol Istanbul, Turkey

Hi. I make sad music sometimes.

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Track Name: I Don't Live
I don’t live
Dont belong
Who knows when I’ll finish this song
I don’t love
I don’t need
Someone’s living but it’s not me

First time I wrote this song
It was all about what went wrong
But since then I’ve given up
Been off the track a bit too long

This was the very last chance she gave
For me to make amends
But I don’t wanna live anymore
Is it that easy to leave me for fucks’ sake?


Take a sip while i hold my tears in
I’m sure there’s someone new that you’re seeing
I’m not surprised at all that you refused me
Gone are the possible days we’d be together

I’m tired of drinking and crying
Why cant things be fun again
You adored me,you changed me
Can’t you see what you have done to me?

Track Name: New Does Not Exist
(just me rambling)
Track Name: Tired Of Me
I’ve been slightly scared that everything is done
are you tired of me?
I’ve noticed that nothing is as fun
are you tired of me?

are you tired of me? x4

I can see that you dont laugh as much
are you tired of me?
It seems like now you’re usually sad
are you tired of me?
I feel like you dont wanna see me
are you tired of me?
I think you are tired of sticking with me
are you tired of me?

are you tired of me? x4
Track Name: I Could Write A Song About You
(me rambling,again)
Track Name: Between You And Me
If I’m telling you to stay
in fact im telling you to stay right now
now is the moment you think of leaving
I’ll say girl dont leave i need you in my life
i asked you to stay cuz i dont have
anyone to say that they love me

thats why i need you here
and that day when you were near
it was so perfect when you were here
it was so perfect when you were near
and im only gonna say this this one time
I really really reallyyyyy need you in this life (in this life)

as iiiii look outside the windowpaneee
i see the day from a mile away
the daaay you get up and prepare to move out of our place
but i say please dont leave i need you in my liiiife

this song’s as meandering as the evens of my life of my life
between you and me
between you and me
not much there to see
between you and me
Track Name: Tired Of You
Track Name: Whisper To Your Heart/Maybe
(rambling again)
Track Name: Fled
I do not care
what you do
when im not there with you
for you
you probably dont need me
you just want to be free
free of me
without me

so here you go
im leaving
stuck in sorroooooow
dead radio

im deaaaaad
i dont exist
go back to bed,get me out your head
cuz i have fled

I wont be there
if you need me
im not your whore

as i previously said
times was wasted
by you
by you
Track Name: Hope?
Track Name: Onat's Lament
you don't need to know the lyrics to this song :)