The City

by Onat Önol

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Ian Hitt
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Ian Hitt This is my favorite release by Onat to date. I love where he's going musically. Every song was really unique and crossed genres but still felt put together like a full release should.
I couldn't choose between 'The Dream', The Boy Who Lived In The City', and 'Told' as my favorite track
I also really liked the guitar on track 6
Love you Onat <3 <3 Favorite track: The Dream.
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The City is my third album. I experimented with more sounds and genres this time and I think it's a decent evolution in sound from Tired Of Me. I hope you enjoy it.

Physical copies possibly coming soon!
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released January 8, 2016

track 5 is a variation of "I'm Sticking With You" originally written by The Velvet Underground
track 12 is a cover of a Merchant Ships track
album art by the wickedly talented Opaque Happiness
bass on track 8 by Litchfield Towers
the instrumental on track 11 by royalfuckup
beautiful motivation on track 7 by the one and only, Bob Ross
spoken word on track 1 by Crazy Curtains Lady
mixing and mastering on tracks 8 and 11 by Elijah Hennig
special thanks to everyone at Barbed Wire Gardens and TTMMWTKM

love you all



all rights reserved


Onat Önol Istanbul, Turkey

Hi. I make sad music sometimes.

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Track Name: curtains
man these are some good curtains
Track Name: The Boy Who Lived In The City
there was a boy
who lived in the city
he used to walk around
all sad and lonely

losing friends
losing care
it happens
in the city
over there
people broken
beyond repair
you have to leave

i am a boy
who lives in the city
wandering around
all sad and lonely

i guess things could be worse
Track Name: Summertime Hit
I don’t want you to know
that the whole summer i’ve been alone
don't go outside a minute
if you want some fun then forget it
whole summer i’ve been alone

by myself
with no one else next to me
looking outside
old guys playing yachtzee
swallow a spoon of cinnamon
no one does that anymore
dead from lack of adrenaline
life’s become such a chore

is this what they call summer
each day gets hotter
melting down like shitty ice cream
all sweat turns to stream
someone just take me anywhere
like Morrissey i dont care
i’ll do anything
anything is better than nothing
Track Name: I Hate Myself
Weeks pass by,day by day,it all slips away
But i feel no improvement in the quality of life
If looks could kill i’d be in jail and my family would bail
I’ve had enough,I think too hard,my soul’s up for sale

And I hate myself
Oh I hate myself
I hate myself
Like everyone around me

This is a game that you can’t win,you just waste your time
Around here no one knows what’s yours what’s mine
And if i could leave already believe me i would
Why do they pretend to care,why are people so rude
This is the last song I will write and the last breath i will take
No one knows or no one cares into what I will be made
I might just fall over and die nothing quite matters
As i spend more time here my future blackens
Track Name: imnotstickinwithyou
im not sticking with you
cuz your heart is made out of poo
anywhere that you might go
i'll run away from you
Track Name: Making Friends Isn't Legal
life’s not all about
the feelings you left out
but it’s about the people
making friends isn’t legal
now i walk around
trying to find my sound
now i’m just confused
bout the things i refused
what about all the parties
theres none during days like these
see you can miss any day
when you go another way
Track Name: Motivation / I Talk Too Much
I talk too much
I talk too much
I talk too much
I talk too much
I talk too much
I talk too much
I talk too much
Track Name: The Light of Day
you just want to use me don't you
hey dude i was just lying fooled you
i thought this was a joke
is it a joke
and you say you just wanted to use me
like them,you’re a jerk too
i bet you’ve been used at some point
you got no character left in you
nobody wants to hang out with you
you just want to use them don't you
nobody wants to hang out with you
you just want to use them don't you

you just want to use me i know
in this other paradox i saw
you’re using me i know

i’m tired of everyone
and i’m gonna keep going
even though i hate every single one of them
like i said i hate them all in the paradox i saw
i know,i know,i know they’re using me
i will never see the light of day again
Track Name: The Dream
i saw you in my dream
we were on an elevator
i saw you standing there
and singing a song
you seemed quite alone
so i started singing along
with you

i never saw you again
been thinking of you since then
you could have been mine
i could have been yours
so why don’t we just lock the doors
i don’t know who you are
i don’t know where you are
i don’t know even if you exist
but i just cant resist
thinking about you
looking for you
Track Name: The Same Thing
i want to feel you,you want to feel me
we’re different souls but we’re essentially the same

same mistakes
same land
same time
same feelings
same trust
same problems
same pain
same passion
same stars
same space
same everything

we don’t want to accept that we’re the same
we think that we’re special
special is nothing
we want to stick around as long as we can
but we don’t really like how things are going
we wish we were in a better place,you and me
we’re hiding in the same caves

every single day we go through the same exact shit
the same people
the same classes
we watch the same music
we listen to the same music every single day

we use the same word to start a conversation which is “hi”
we use the same word to end a conversation which is “goodbye” or something along those lines
we think we’re different souls but we’re still the same

we’re nothing special everyone
there’s no such thing as a special person
or something different
we’re the same
Track Name: Stranded at a Starbucks
Stranded at a Starbucks thinking of you
How many times quite a few
Never leaving trying to withdraw
Don’t tell her it was me that you saw

Stranded at a Starbucks thinking of you
How many times quite a few
This latte it tastes like spit
Fits my life cuz it’s gone to shit

I don’t meet people anymore
I recently stopped going outdoors
I’m just stuck to doing daily chores
I hate my life can i swap it with yours?
You think you don’t need help but its true
Your friends who are now there only for you
Will be gone in two weeks i know its sad
All found dead in a terrorist attack

Every single day it gets closer
The day we finally find another
Another one in such pain like us
Maybe one we even could trust

Another day we’ll find the guy
That we can trust with our pain
With our sorrow another day
Maybe we’ll find him someday
Maybe not today maybe someday far away
But we’ll find him anyway
Track Name: Something That Matters
I look around at all my friends, the 1-2-3-4-5 dead ends, the kids I'll never see again, the kids who mean the most to me.
Staying up until the morning, in my kitchen swapping stories; memories I can't forget, no matter how the summer went.

We're here forever, and we'll die together.

If you plant a seed, it grows into a tree, and to us, to everyone, this never meant a thing. If you plant a seed, it grows into a tree, and I'm sorry Kamryn, that she never meant a thing. This song's for you, wherever you might be, I pray that you stay golden and never come back home.

This song's for you, this song's for movin' on.
This song is for our friends who've been there all along.
Track Name: Table
Yes i know that you were done
Yes i know its not the time for fun
Yes i know you don’t wanna see me
Yes i know you think you turned the table

Yes i know i don’t mean shit
Yes i know the kiss of death bit
Yes i know who i thought you were
Yes i know you wanted me to burn on a table
Track Name: Told
I’ve gotten tired of everything
cuz life has nothing more to bring
don’t be sad cuz i am already
i know i’m a huge ass git i’m sorry
I keep saying words don’t know what they mean
i bet its unlike any other words that you’ve seen
you’re running behind you know
you’re going a bit too slow
every single place you go
I’ve been before
been a fucking eternity
since what you did to me
you really think i still care
you really think i still dare

and then i remember
all the things i did in September
all the things i had to do
all the things done for you

I told your mother
I got kinda hotter
And fitter
And brighter
And kinder too

But I told your sister
I got way uglier
And fatter
And darker
And meaner too

you don’t need me anymore
i cant sing my throat is sore
but i’ll keep screaming as long as I can
even when i cant i’ll just pretend
and i keep saying words dunno what they mean
i bet its unlike any other words that you’ve seen
and i wonder where you are how you’ve been
how you act if you’re still mean
i don’t know you anymore
i just cant watch i’m too bored
but i’ll keep haunting as long as i can
even when i cant i’ll just pretend
you really think i still care
you really think i still dare

and then i remember
all the things i did in September
all the things i had to do
all the things done for you

I told your father
I got respectful
And hopeful
And careful
And successful too

But I told your brother
I got disrespectful
And hateful
And doubtful
And pitiful too

You don’t need me anymore
I can’t sing my throat is sore
But I’ll keep screaming as long as I can
Even when I can’t I’ll just pretend
There is no end
Track Name: I'm Weak
I’m trying to think like i’m not hurt
but deep inside i know i am
i’ll try to think like im okay
i’ll smile even though i cant

I’ll find a way
to say all the words i wanna say
do all things that i want to
and to say that i love you

I hope you feel dont feel depressed
sad upset unhappy and stressed
that i got these words off my chest
feelings are hard to digest
Track Name: remember me
do you remember me
the days when we used to be
we used to walk to cities
and places we could never see

but then we found it out
that we never had a sound
since the day i let you free
i really hope you remember me